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Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00200950

Door Seal - Part Nr.: 00200950, GENUINE BSH

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Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00200950 Bosch / Siemens
Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00200950 Bosch / Siemens Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00200950 Bosch / Siemens
Producer:Bosch / Siemens
Price incl. VAT : 82,60 €
excl. VAT : 68,30 €
VAT:21 %
Availability:Ask for POSSIBILITY TO ORDER
STOCK:0 pc
EAN: 8757521723971
Origin of the product: GENUINE PART in the original packaging of the Brand
Refund Possibility: YES

New door seal is recommended if the original one no longer fulfills its purpose.


Compatible appliances:

195302405(00); KI3140(00); 195306205(00); 195302406(00); 195302409(00); 0702304011(00); KI3141(00); 195301562(00); 195301606(00); 195306223(00); 195302410(00); 3FI692B(00); KI3118(00); KI311816(00); KI3142(00); 195301605(00); 195302407(00); 195307094(00); 0702304012(00); 0702304030(00); 0702304077(00); 0702304089(00); KI30M00CH/01; KI30M00IE/01; KI30M01IE/01; KI30M02GB/32; KI31C01CH/02; KI31C03IE/43; KI31C01FF/01; KI29M01EU/01; KI30M01FF/01; KI30M02CH/32; KI29M00IE/01; KI30M02IE/02; KI30M03CH/01; KI31C01II/02; KI31C01II/01; KI31C02IE/01; KI31C03/02; KI30M02CH/01; KI314300/01; KI31C01/02; KI31C03/42; KI31C03IE/02; KI30M02/01; KI30M02/32; KI30M02FF/01; KI30M02NE/31; KI31C00/01; KI31C02/01; KI31C03/43; KI31C03IE/42; KI31C00CH/02; KI30M00/02; KI30M02IE/01; KI314308/01; KI31C00II/02; KI31C00II/03; KI31C04CH/01; KI30M02RK/01; KI31C00FF/02; KI31C04CH/42; KI29M01IE/01; KI30M02GB/01; KI314301/01; KI31C01CH/01; KI30M00/01; KI314305/01; KI30M01/01; KI31C00FF/01; KI31C03IE/01; KI30M01CH/01; KI30M02FF/32; KI31C00/02; KI31C02CH/01; KI31C03CH/01; KI29M01EU/32; KI30M02IE/32; KI30M00FF/01; KI31C00CH/01; KI31C00II/01; KI30M02IE/33; KI31C01/01; KI31C01FF/02; KI31C03/01; KI29M00EU/01; KI30M02RK/32; 195307217(00); 0702304047(00); 0702304072(00); 0702304007(00); 0702304001(00); 0702304031(00); 0702304044(00); 0702304045(00); 0702304097(00); 0702304098(00); 0702304099(00); 0702304003(00); 0702304010(00); 0702304029(00); 0702304046(00); 0702304071(00); 195307218(00); 195306224(00); 195302408(00); 195307219(00); KI311858(00); 0702304096(00); 0702304004(00); 0702304028(00); KIC3132II/03; KIC3133CH/02; KIC3135IE/43; KIC3133/01; KIC3134IE/01; KIC3135/43; KIC3135IE/42; KIM3000/01; KIM3002TC/01; KIC3130/00; KIC3132II/01; KIC3135/42; KIC3135CH/01; KIC3135IE/02; KIM3001CH/01; KIM3002CH/01; KIM3002IE/02; KIM3002TC/02; KIC31301/00; KIC3130I/00; KIC3132/01; KIC3133II/02; KIM2901IE/01; KIM3000NL/01; KIM3002/01; KIM3002GB/01; KIM2901IE/02; KIM3000SD/01; KIM3001NL/01; KIM3002NE/31; KIC3133/02; KIC3134CH/01; KIM2900IE/01; KIC3132CH/02; KIC3132II/02; KIC3132CH/01; KIC3135/01; KIM3002IE/33; KIC3135IE/01; KIM3000/02; KIM3002GB/32; KIC3131/01; KIC3136CH/42; KIM3000CH/01; KIM3003CH/01; KIC31311/01; KIC3133CH/01; KIM2900EU/01; KIM3000CH/02; KIM3001IE/01; KIM3000IE/01; KIC3132/02; KIC3135/02; KIM2901EU/01; KIM3001/01; KIM3002IE/01; KIC3131I/01; KIC3134/01; KIC3136CH/01; KIM2901EU/32; KIM3000IE/02; KIM3002/32; KIM3002CH/32; KIM3002IE/32; K4453X0GB/32; K4460X0/01; K4460X0/02; K4460X0GB/01; K4460X0IE/01; K4460X2EU/01; K4460X2IE/01; K4460X3EU/01; K4460X3EU/32; K4460X3IE/01; K4462X0/01; K4462X0GB/01; K4462X0IE/01; K4462X0RK/01; K4462X0RK/02; K4462X0RK/32; K4463X0/01; K4463X0/32; K4463X0GB/01; K4463X0GB/32; K4463X0IE/01; K4463X0IE/02; K4463X0IE/32; K4463X0IE/33; K4680X0/00; K4680X0/01; K4680X0EE/00; K4680X0EE/01; K4680X0EE/02; K4680X0FF/00; K4680X0GB/00; K4680X0GB/01; K4680X1EE/02; K4680X2/01; K4680X2/02; K4680X2EE/01; K4680X2EE/02; K4680X2GB/01; K4680X2GB/02; K4682X0/01; K4683X0/01; K4683X0/02; K4683X0/42; K4683X0/43; 3FI692B/31; F6563/01; KIMBLY1EE/01; KIMBLY3EE/01; KIMBLY4EE/01; CK44600/02; CK44610/01; CK44620/32; CK44520/32; CK461000/01; CK44620/01; CK461001/01; CK461001/02; CK44600/01; CK44610/02; CK461000/02; KIMPIY1GR/32; KIMGGY1IE/01; KIMGGY1/01; KIMGGY1IE/33; KIMGGY1/32; KIMGGY1RK/01

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