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Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00235608

Door Seal - Part Nr.: 00235608, GENUINE BSH

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Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00235608 Bosch / Siemens
Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00235608 Bosch / SiemensDoor Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00235608 Bosch / Siemens
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Producer:Bosch / Siemens
Price incl. VAT : 91,10 €
excl. VAT : 75,30 €
VAT:21 %
Availability:In stock
STOCK:3 pc
EAN: 8757521724299
Volumetric weight: 10.555 KG
Origin of the product: GENUINE PART in the original packaging of the Brand
Refund Possibility: YES

New door seal is recommended if the original one no longer fulfills its purpose.


Compatible appliances:

K5745X2/01; K5744X4GB/01; K5744X4GB/03; K5744X4GB/02; K5744X4GB/04; K5744X6GB/01; K5745X1GB/01; K5745X1GB/02; K9524X4GB/02; K9524X4GB/03; K9524X4GB/04; K9525X4GB/01; K9525X4GB/02; K9525X4GB/04; K9525X4GB/03; K9524X4/02; K9524X4/03; K9524X4/04; K9625X1GB/01; K9625X1GB/02; K9625X3GB/01; KI30E440CH/01; KI30E440/01; KI30ES40/04; KI30E440CH/06; KI30F440/02; KI30E4H1/02; KI30M440/02; KI30M441/02; KI32C441CH/03; KI30E4H1/03; KI30F440/09; KI30M440GB/03; KI32C441CH/01; KI30E440FF/03; KI38CA50CH/03; KI38FA50/04; KI30E440RK/03; KI30E440NE/03; KI30E441NE/02; KI30E441NE/03; KI30E440/03; KI30E440IE/03; KI30E440CH/02; KI30E440NE/02; KI30E440NE/01; KI30E440IE/06; KI30E440IE/07; KI30E441NE/04; KI30E441NE/05; KI30E441RK/02; KI30E441RK/03; KI30E441RK/04; KI30E4H1/05; KI30E4H1/06; KI30ES40/01; KI30ES40/02; KI30M440GB/01; KI30F440/01; KI30F440/05; KI30F440/07; KI30F440/04; KI30F440/08; KI30M440/03; KI30M440/04; KI30M440GB/02; KI30M440GB/04; KI30M441/04; KI30M443GB/01; KI30M441/05; KI30M443GB/02; KI30M443GB/04; KI30M443GB/05; KI32C40IE/32; KI32C440CH/01; KI30E440/02; KI30E440/04; KI30E440/05; KI30E440/06; KI30E440CH/03; KI30E440CH/04; KI30E440CH/05; KI30E440CH/07; KI30E440FF/01; KI30E440FF/02; KI30E440FF/04; KI30E440FF/05; KI30E440FF/06; KI30E440IE/01; KI30E440IE/04; KI30E440IE/05; KIC38A51CH/02; KIF38A40/01; KIF30440/02; KIF38A40/02; KIF30441/01; KIF30441/04; KIF38A50/02; KIC38A51CH/01; KI38FA50/01; KIC32440IE/01; KIC3240IE/33; KIC38A50CH/01; KI38CA50CH/04; KI38CA50CH/02; KI30F440/06; KI38CA40/02; KI30M440/01; KI30M443GB/03; KI30M441/03; KI32C40IE/33; KI32C441/02; KI30E440CH/08; KI38CA50CH/01; KI30E441RK/01; KI30E440IE/02; KI30E440RK/01; KI30E441RK/05; KI30E4H1/04; KI30ES40/03; KI32C441CH/02; KI30F440/03; KIE30440CH/01; KIE30441/08; KIE30441CH/04; KIE30441/02; KIE30441FF/05; KIE30441IE/04; KIE30441NE/03; KIE30442NE/04; KIE30441TC/05; KIC32441CH/01; KIE30465/05; KIC32440/01; KIC32442CH/01; KIC38A40/02; KIE30441NE/02; KIE30441TC/02; KIE30441TC/03; KIE30465/04; KIE30441TC/04; KIE30442NE/01; KIE30442NE/02; KIE30442NE/03; KIE30442NE/05; KIE30465/01; KIE30465/03; KIE30441IE/08; KI38FA40/02; KI38FA40/03; KI38FA40/01; KI38FA50/03; KIF30441/03; KIE30440/02; KIE30441FF/03; KIF30440/01; KIF30441/02; KIE30441/04; KIE30441IE/05; KIF38A50/01; KIE30441IE/07; KIE30441IE/09; KIE30441IE/06; KIE30441NE/01; KIC3240IE/32; KIC32440CH/01; KIC32441/01; KIC32442/02; KIC32442/01; KIC32442CH/03; KIC32442/03; KIC32442CH/02; KIC38A40CH/01; KIC38A40CH/02; KIC38A40/01; KIC38A50/01; KI32C440/01; KI32C441/01; KI32C441/03; KI32C441CH/04; KI32C441/04; KI32CS40/01; KI38CA40/03; KI38CA40CH/01; KI38CA40/01; KI38CA40CH/02; KIE3040TC/06; KIE30440/01; KIE30440CH/02; KIE30440FF/01; KIE30440IE/01; KIE30440IE/02; KIE30440TC/01; KIE30441/01; KIE30441/03; KIE30441/05; KIE30441CH/01; KIE30441CH/02; KIE30441/07; KIE30441CH/03; KIE30441CH/05; KIE30441FF/01; KIE30441FF/02; KIE30441FF/04; KIE30441IE/02; KIE30441IE/01; KIE30441IE/03; IC192930/03; IC192930/05; IC200130/05; KI30M74/33; KI29M74IE/31; KI29M40/31; KI29M74IE/33; KI30E40CH/03; KI30E40NE/32; KI30M471/03; KI30M471/04; KI30M471FF/05; KI30M74/32; KI30E40GB/31; KI30M470FF/02; KI30E40IE/03; KI25M40/31; KI30E40CH/32; KI29M475GB/02; KI30E40IE/32; KI30E40IE/31; KI30E40NE/03; KI30M40/31; KI30M470/01; KI32C40CH/31; KI30E40/32; KI30M471/02; KI30M471FF/03; KI29M74IE/32; KI30M40GB/31; KI30M74GB/31; KI25M74/31; KI30M471FF/04; KI29M74/31; KI30M40/32; KI30M470/02; KI30F40/31; KI32C60CH/31; KI25M40/32; KI30M470/04; KI29M470IE/01; KI30E40/03; KI29M40/32; KI29M470IE/02; KI29M470IE/03; KI29M470IE/04; KI30E40GB/32; KI30E40RK/01; KI30M470/03; KI30M471FF/02; KI32C40/31; KI30E40RK/02; KI30M74/31; KI30E40CH/31; KI25M74/32; KI29M475GB/01; KI30E40NE/31; KI30M470FF/01; KI30M471/05; KI30F40/02; KI30E40/31; KIM30470FF/01; KIM30471/02; KIC3240CH/32; KIE3040NE/03; KIM29470IE/01; KIE3040TC/31; KIC3260CH/31; KIM29470/01; KIM2974IE/32; KIE3040CH/03; KIM29473GB/02; KIM3040/32; KIE3040IE/03; KIM2974GB/32; KIM30471FF/03; KIM3074GB/31; KIM3040/31; KIM30471/01; KIC3240/32; KIM29473GB/03; KIM30471/04; KIF3040/31; KIC3240/31; KIM29470/02; KIM29470GB/01; KIM29472/02; KIM2974IE/31; KIM30470/01; KIE3040CH/31; KIE3040TC/33; KIM3074/31; KIE3040/03; KIE3040/31; KIE3040CH/32; KIE3040GB/32; KIE3040TC/34; KIM30471FF/02; KIE3040NE/32; KIE3040TC/05; KIE3040GB/31; KIE3040IE/32; KIC3240GB/31; KIM29473GB/01; KIM2974IE/33; KIM30471/03; KIM2974/31; KIM30471FF/04; KIF3040/02; KIE3040/32; KIE3040IE/31; KIM2940/31; KIM29472/01; KIC3240GB/32; KIM2940/32; KIM3040GB/31; KIM30471FF/01; KIM3074/32; KIC3240CH/31; KIM29470GB/02; KIM29470IE/02; KIE3040NE/31; KIE3040TC/04; KIE3040TC/32; KIM29472/04; KIM2974GB/31; K5665X0/31; K5745X0/02; K5745X0/31; K5745X0GB/02; K5745X0GB/31; K8524X4GB/01; K8524X4GB/02; K8524X4GB/03; K8525X0/31; K8525X0GB/31; K8525X1/01; K8525X1/02; K8525X1FF/01; K8525X1GB/01; K8525X1GB/02; K8525X2/01; K8525X2FF/01; K8525X3GB/01; K9625X0GB/31; K8625X4FF/01; K8625X4FF/02; K8625X4FF/03; K8625X4FF/04; K8625X4FF/05; K8625X0/03; K8625X0/31; K8625X0/32; K8625X0IE/03; K8625X0IE/31; K8625X0IE/32; K8625X1/01; K8625X1IE/01; K8625X2/01; K8625X2/02; K8625X2FF/01; K8625X2IE/01; K8625X2IE/02; 3FI556B/31; 3FI556B/32; 3FI556B/33; CK65741/02; CK65740/31; CK65741/01; KIM29470IE/03; IC191230NE/03; P1KKA3000V/03; P1KKA3000V/04; P1KKA3000V/31; P1KKA3000V/32; P1KKA3000V/33; IC191230/05; IC191230/31; IC191230/04; IC191230NE/31; IC191230/06; IC191230/08; IC191230/03; IC191230NE/32; IC191930/01; IC191230/07; IC191930/02; IC191230/32; KIM29470/03; K5744X4/03; K5744X4/02; K5744X4/01; K5665X3/01; K5665X2/01; K5665X1/01; K5664X6/02; K5664X6/01; K5664X4/03; K5664X4/02; K5664X7/03; K5664X7/01; K5664X7/02; KI38CA50/01; KI38CA50/02; KI38CA50/04; KI38CA50/03; KI30M441/01; IC200130/31; KI32C40IE/31; KIC3240IE/31; IC191230NE/04; IC192930/01; IC192930/04; IC200130/04; IC200130/03; IC192930/02; IC191230NE/06; KIM30440GB/01; KIM30440/01; KIM30441/01; KIM30441/02; KIM30441/04; KIM30443GB/01; KIM30443GB/02; KIM30443GB/04; KIM30440GB/02; KIM30441/03; KIM30443GB/03; KIE30440NE/01; KIE30465/02; IC191230NE/05; IC191930/03; KIC38A51/01; KIC38A51/02; KIC38A51RU/01; RT282100/01; RT282100/02; RT282101/01; RT282101/02; IC200130/02; K5745X2/02; K5745X1/01; K5744X7/02; K5744X7/01; K5744X6/01; K5744X4/04; K5744X6/02; K5664X4/01

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