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Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00715841

Part Nr.: BSHG00715841, GENUINE BSH

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Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00715841 Bosch / Siemens
Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00715841 Bosch / Siemens
Producer:Bosch / Siemens
Price incl. VAT : 36,10 €
excl. VAT : 29,80 €
VAT:21 %
Availability:Ask for POSSIBILITY TO ORDER
STOCK:0 pc
Warranty: 24 Months
Possibility of refund: YES
Origin of the product: GENUINE PART in the original packaging of the Brand
EAN: 8757521716157
Volumetric weight: 25.555 Kg
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Part numbers00715841
Compatible appliances:
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