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Shaft Seal 35x72/84x11/18 for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines

Part Nr.: 35 X 72/84 X 11/18 MM, for spider 00283726

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Shaft Seal 35x72/84x11/18 for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines Universal
Shaft Seal 35x72/84x11/18 for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines UniversalShaft Seal 35x72/84x11/18 for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines Universal
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EAN: 8757521592973
Volumetric weight: 0.055 KG
Origin of the product: Quality-proven ALTERNATIVE PART
Refund Possibility: YES
Warranty: 24 Months

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Siemens WVF2000BY/30 Siemens WVF2000BY/33 Siemens WVF2000BY/34 Siemens WVF2000DD/15 Siemens WVF2000EU/16 Siemens WVF2000EU/22 Siemens WVF2000EU/23 Siemens WVF2000EU/26 Siemens WVF2000EU/27 Siemens WVF2000EU/28 Siemens WVF2000EU/30 Siemens WVF2000EU/33 Siemens WVF2000EU/34 Siemens WVF2000FF/15 Siemens WVF2000GB/15 Siemens WVF2000GB/16 Siemens WVF2000GB/22 Siemens WVF2000GB/23 Siemens WVF2000GB/26 Siemens WVF2000GB/27 Siemens WVF2000GB/28 Siemens WVF2000GB/30 Siemens WVF2000GB/33 Siemens WVF2000GB/34 Siemens WVF2000GB/36 Siemens WVF2000IG/15 Siemens WVF2000IG/16 Siemens WVF2000IG/22 Siemens WVF2000IG/23 Siemens WVF2000IG/26 Siemens WVF2000IG/27 Siemens WVF2000IG/28 Siemens WVF2000IG/30 Siemens WVF2000IG/33 Siemens WVF2000IG/34 Siemens WVF2000NL/15 Siemens WVF2000NL/16 Siemens WVF2000NL/22 Siemens WVF2000NL/23 Siemens WVF2000NL/26 Siemens WVF2000NL/27 Siemens WVF2000NL/28 Siemens WVF2000NL/30 Siemens WVF2000NL/33 Siemens WVF2000NL/34 Siemens WVF2000RK/16 Siemens WVF2000RK/22 Siemens WVF2000RK/23 Siemens WVF2000RK/26 Siemens WVF2000RK/27 Siemens WVF2000RK/28 Siemens WVF2000RK/30 Siemens WVF2000SN/15 Siemens WVF2000SN/16 Siemens WVF2000SN/22 Siemens WVF2000SN/23 Siemens WVF2000SN/26 Siemens WVF2000SN/27 Siemens WVF2000SN/28 Siemens WVF2000SN/30 Siemens WVF2000SN/33 Siemens WVF2000SN/34 Whirlpool AWG110/01 Whirlpool AWG110/02 Whirlpool AWG110/03

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Special Waterproof Zinc Titanium Vaseline for Universal Washing Machines

Availability: In stock
STOCK: 47 pc
excl. VAT:5,50
Price incl. VAT6,70
Vaseline, Lubricant for Lubrication of Bearings and Shafts for Universal Washing Machines

Availability: In stock
STOCK: 34 pc
excl. VAT:2,30
Price incl. VAT2,80
Special Contact Mounting Silicone Grease for Universal Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00311593

Availability: Ask for POSSIBILITY TO ORDER
STOCK: 0 pc
excl. VAT:33,70
Price incl. VAT40,80
Vaseline, Lubricant for Lubrication of Bearings and Shafts for Universal Washing Machines

Availability: In stock
STOCK: 26 pc
excl. VAT:2,50
Price incl. VAT3,00
Vaseline, Lubricant for Lubrication of Bearings and Shafts (Waterproof) for Universal Washing Machines

Availability: Ask for POSSIBILITY TO ORDER
STOCK: 0 pc
excl. VAT:3,00
Price incl. VAT3,60

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