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Drum Cross for LG Washing Machines - AS0013038

Part Nr.: AS0013038, GENUINE Fagor / Brandt

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Drum Cross for LG Washing Machines - AS0013038 Fagor / Brandt
Drum Cross for LG Washing Machines - AS0013038 Fagor / BrandtDrum Cross for LG Washing Machines - AS0013038 Fagor / Brandt
Producer:Fagor / Brandt
Price incl. VAT : 198,00 €
excl. VAT : 163,70 €
VAT:21 %
Availability:Ask for POSSIBILITY TO ORDER
STOCK:0 pc
EAN: 8757521719295
Volumetric weight: 15.555 KG
Origin of the product: GENUINE PART in the original packaging of the Brand
Refund Possibility: YES
Warranty: 24 Months

Part numbersAS0013038
Compatible appliances:

100EL DLZ614JU1 FF-6214 /WR LW-96 VLF7135
1010DIGIT DLZ714B FF-6214X MWF3-2612 VLF7142
1210DIGIT DLZ714BU FF-623 P6F-900E VLF7144
1F-1148I DLZ714W FF-6314 P6F-900E P VLF7144B
1F-3613 F-100 WD FF-633 P6FE-1100E WA 3350
1F-3613X F-1246 FF-7013 P6FE-1100E P WA-1221
1F-4613 F-1358 FF-7014 P6FE-700E WA-1300
1F-4613X F-2013 FF-7114 P6FE-700E P WA-1306
1FE-1347 F-2113 FF-7214 P6FE-900E WA-3003J
1FE-1347S F-2200P FF-7214X P6FE-900E P WA-6128
1FG-2614 F-3609LA FG-1406 PFD-1260 WA-7013
1LP-104S F-3613 FG-1427 PFD-1264/CKD WA-7313
1LW-136 F-4613 FG-2614 PFD-1266 WA-8313
2F-2613 F-4613X FG-2614X PFD-1266E WA-8413A
2F-3613 F-7214 FG-3613 PFD-1277 WBF1126K
2F-3613IT F72ART F-S-1046 PFD-1466 WFA1216F
2F-3613X FA-1000 F-S-1046P PFD-1466E WFA1217F
2FF-3613 FA-600 F-ST-105 PFD-1477 WFA1246F
2FU-3613 FAST 90 FU-1358 PFD-2466S WFA1276E
2FU-3613LX FE-1346 FU-2013 PFDA-113 P WFA1276SH
2FU-3613X FE-1346 S FU-3613 PFDA-133IP WFA1416F
3F-1614 FE-1347 FU-3613LX PFDA-133IP/CK WFA1417F
3F-2614 FE-1358 FU-3613X PFE-1250/CKD WFA1446F
3F-2614X FE-1359V FU-4613 PFE-1260 WFA1447E
3F-3613IT FE-2013 FU-4613X PFE-1264/CKD WFA1447F
3F-3614 FE-2113 FU-6146 PFE-1277 WFF1211N
3F-3614X FE-2607 FU-6146IT PFL-1300L WFF1212K
3L-124 FE-3613 FU-6146X PFL-3021TW WFF1266N
3L-946LX FF-1306 FWM714IT PWM1250FL WFF1276E
631EL FF-135 HLWA-1300 SGFA9126 WFF1312N
632EL FF-136 HLWA-1300E SGFA9146 WFF1313N
70EL FF-2013 L-192C SGFA91479 WFF1372K
80EL FF-2306 L-211R URBAN-LI1247 WFF1466N
831EL FF-2306X L-4082P VLF2125 WFF1476E
832EL FF-306 L5 VLF512 WFT6120D
ALF2127IT FF-306 /MO L-5102G VLF5122 WFT6141D
AS-3126 FF-306 /WR L-511G VLF5125 WI73140DE
AS-3126 CKD FF-3613 L-6082I VLF5127 WM13
BA140 FF-522 L-8082S VLF513 WM-1300
BTWM4 FF-6012 /WR L-9082M VLF6122 WM23
BTWM6 FF-6013 /MO LC-5P VLF-6122 /MO WM603
CI340CDA FF-6013 /WR LD-1355 VLF-6122 /WR WMI1400NM
CI340IN FF-6014 LD-2120 VLF6125 WMI2004
DD-6314IPN FF-613 LDA-6 VLF6135 WMP-1350V
DD-6314ITX FF-6213 LEF-4130V VLF6142 WMP-4000V
DFI-5F FF-6213 /MO LF/E-5,5 M VLF6142X ZEN-LI1247
DLZ413JE1 FF-6213 /WR LFA-1200 VLF6144
DLZ413JU1 FF-6213X LW-116 VLF7122
DLZ614BE1 FF-6214 LW-130 VLF7125
DLZ614JE1 FF-6214 /MO LW-136 VLF7134B

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