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Inverter Module for Compressor Bosch, Siemens Neff Fridges

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Inverter Module for Compressor Bosch, Siemens Neff Fridges
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Producer:Bosch, Siemens
Price with VAT : 80,30 €
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VAT:21 %
Availability:on request
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3KSL5655/18 3KSL5655/19 3KSL5655/20 GS54NEW41/01 KD56NSB40N/04 KD56NSB40N/05 KDN56SQ40N/04 KDN56SQ40N/05 KG36EAI40/19 KG36EAI40/20 KG36EAI41/14 KG36EAI42/05 KG36EAI42/06 KG36EAI43/01 KG36EAL40/19 KG36EAL40/20 KG36EAL42/05 KG36EAL42/06 KG36EAL43/01 KG36EAW40/20 KG36EAW41/14 KG36EAW41/15 KG36EAW43/01 KG36EBI40/01 KG36EBL41/01 KG36EBW40/01 KG36EBW41/01 KG36ECL41/16 KG36EDI40/01 KG36EDL40/01 KG36EDW40/01 KG36EEI41/14 KG36EEI42/01 KG36EEW42/01 KG36EMI41/07 KG36EMI41/08 KG36EMI41/09 KG39EBL41/01 KG49EBI40/01 KG58EBI44N/01 KGE36AI40/18 KGE36AI40/19 KGE36AI41/16 KGE36AI41/17 KGE36AI42/01 KGE36AL40/18 KGE36AL40/19 KGE36AL41/16 KGE36AL41/17 KGE36AL42/01 KGE36AW40/18 KGE36AW40/19 KGE36AW40G/15 KGE36AW40G/16 KGE36AW41/16 KGE36AW41/17 KGE36AW42/01 KGE36AW42/02 KGE36BI40/01 KGE36BI41/01 KGE36BI42/01 KGE36BL41/01 KGE36BL41/02 KGE36BSKD/02 KGE36BW40/01 KGE36BW40/02 KGE36BW41/01 KGE36BW41G/01 KGE36BW41G/02 KGE36CI40/17 KGE36CI40/18 KGE36DB40/03 KGE36DI40/01 KGE36DL40/01 KGE36DW40/01 KGE36DW40/02 KGE36EI41/13 KGE36EI41/14 KGE36EI42/13 KGE36EI42/14 KGE36EI43/01 KGE36EI43/02 KGE36EW41/06 KGE36EW42/13 KGE36EW42/14 KGE36EW43/01 KGE36MI40/08 KGE36MI40/10 KGE36MW40/07 KGE36MW40/08 KGE36MW40/09 KGE36YI40/17 KGE36YI40/18 KGE39AI43/86 KGE39AL43/01 KGE39AL43/02 KGE39AL43/03 KGE39BI40/01 KGE39DI40/01 KGE39DL40/01 KGE39DW40/01 KGE39MI40/87 KGE39MI40/88 KGE49AI41/01 KGE49AI45/02 KGE49AI45/03 KGE49AL41/01 KGE49EI45/01 KGE58AW41N/01

Technical data - Inverter Module for Compressor Bosch, Siemens Neff Fridges

Length: 150 mm
Breadth: 135 mm

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