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Glass Turntable Tray 255 mm for Daewoo Microwaves

Part Nr.: 020800010 3517203600 3517203610 130268, diameter 255 mm

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Glass Turntable Tray 255 mm for Daewoo Microwaves LG
Glass Turntable Tray 255 mm for Daewoo Microwaves LG Glass Turntable Tray 255 mm for Daewoo Microwaves LG Glass Turntable Tray 255 mm for Daewoo Microwaves LG Glass Turntable Tray 255 mm for Daewoo Microwaves LG Glass Turntable Tray 255 mm for Daewoo Microwaves LG
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Designed for various types of microwaves such as Whirlpool, Samsung, Daewoo, Electrolux, Eta, Sencor, Zanussi, Ecg, Baumatic, Amica, LG, Fagor, ETA and Daewoo. Panasonic, Gorenje.

ETA0208 Klasico, ETA1208 Klasico, ETA2208 Klasico

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