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Circulation Pump for LG Dishwasher

Part Nr.: 5859DD9001A, 5859ED1001A, 4681ED1001B, 4681ED1003C, 1649457, 653938, 655473, 1497487, 1682184, 631886, AGM73309301, 220 - 240 V, 120 W

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Circulation Pump for LG Dishwasher
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Suitable for Dishwashers:

ld2060s, ld4050 W, ld2050sh, lg2051, ld2040 W, ld2160 cm. P/N 5859ed1001 a-5859dd9001 a. LG ld2050 m 5859dd9001 a 5859ed1001 a 5859ed1001e ld2050sh 5859dd9001 a 5859ed1001 a 5859ed1001e ld2050 W 5859ed1001e ld2060s 5859dd9001 a 5859ed1001 a 5859ed1001e ld4050 W 5859dd9001 a 5859ed1001 a 5859ed1001e lg2051 5859dd9001 a 5859ed1001 a 5859ed1001e Teka ld2151 m 5859ed1001


LD-1204M1 - LD-2040M1, LD-1204W - LD-2040W, LD-1204W1 - LD-2040W1, LD-1403W - LD-4031W, LD-1403W1 - LD-4031W1, LD-1415M - LD-4152M, LD-1415M1 - LD-4152M1, LD-1415T1 - LD-4152T1, LD-1415W1 - LD-4151W1, LD-1416T - LD-4163T, LD-1426T - LD-4263T, LD-1426T - LD-4263T, LD-14AT1, LD-14AT2, LD-14AT3, LD-14AT3, LD-14AW1, LD-14AW2, LD-14AW3, LD-14AW3, LD-14NI - LD-4150M, LD-2120W, LD-4080T, LD-4120M

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