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Heating Element Circular for Candy Hoover Ovens 2500 (2200) W

Part Nr.: 91200888 82366022 82352014, 2500 (2200) W, 230 V

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Heating Element Circular for Candy Hoover Ovens 2500 (2200) W
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2D 467 X 33700152
2D 468 X 33700158
F 241/1 M UK 36065506
F 241/1 W UK 36065001
FC 3163/1 IN 33700100
FC3163/1IN 33700516
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FNP 815 X 33700274
FNP 825 X 33700271
FNP 827 AL 33700270
FNP 827 X 33700269
FNPC 825 X 33900014
FO FP 815X 33700002
FO FP 827 AL 36296002
FO FP 827 X 36296101
FO FP 827X 33700003
FO FP815 AL 33700004
FO FP825 AL 33700005
FO FP825 X 33700007
FO FP827 AL 33700001
FOFNP622X 33700469
FOFNP815X 33700459
FOFNP825X 33700457
FOFNP827X 33700460
FOFP622N 33700092
FOFP622X 33700093
FOFP815N 33700094
FOHFO415B 33700118
FOHFO415W 33700119
FOHFO415X 33700117
FOHMO837X 33700116
FR 2050/3 IN 36279024
FS 817 AQ 33700215
FS 828 ZEN 33700317
FS828ZEN 33700517
FXH825VX 33700978
HFO 415/1 X 33700302
HFO 415/1X 33700499
HMO 837X 33700548
HOP 455 X 33700250
HOS 456 X 33700251
HOS 556 X 33700252
UCFPC825AL 33900003
UCFPC825X 33900001
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Technical data - Heating Element Circular for Candy Hoover Ovens 2500 (2200) W

diameter 191 mm

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