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Ignition Spark Plug for Bosch Siemens Gas Hobs - 00622823

Part Nr.: 00622823, GENUINE BSH

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Ignition Spark Plug for Bosch Siemens Gas Hobs - 00622823 BSH
Ignition Spark Plug for Bosch Siemens Gas Hobs - 00622823 BSHIgnition Spark Plug for Bosch Siemens Gas Hobs - 00622823 BSH
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Price incl. VAT : 7,60 €
excl. VAT : 6,30 €
VAT:21 %
Availability:In stock
STOCK:5 pc
EAN: 8757521721397
Volumetric weight: 0.777 KG
Origin of the product: GENUINE PART in the original packaging of the Brand
Exchange and refund of goods: REDUCED
Warranty: 24 Months

Part numbers00622823
Compatible appliances:
CG270211/62    CG270211/80    CG270211/01    CG270211/07    PPQ716B11E/28    PPQ716B11E/52    PPQ716B11E/42    EP618HB21E/42    EP618HB21E/52    EP618HB91Y/62    EP618PB21E/42    EP712QB21E/42    EP712QB21E/52    EP716QB11E/40    EP716QB11E/42    EP716QB11E/52    EP716QB11E/01    EP716QB21E/01    EP716QB91E/01    EP716QC21N/01    EP718QB21E/01    EP816SB21E/01    EP816SC21N/01    EP612PB21E/01    EP616PB11E/01    EP616PB21E/01    EP616PB81E/01    EP616PC21N/01    EP618PB21E/01    EP616HB91E/01    EP616HC21N/01    EP618HB21E/01    EP616CB21E/01    ES326BB21E/01    EP718QB91Y/03    EP816QB21E/02    EP816QB21E/03    EP616HB91E/03    EP616HB91Y/03    EP616HC21N/03    EP612PB21E/03    EP716QB91Y/03    EP616PC21N/03    EC675PB21E/02    EC875SB21E/07    EP816SB21E/07    EP816SC21N/07    EP716QC21N/03    EC675PB21E/01    EC875SB21E/01    EP816QB11E/01    EP716QB21E/03    EP616CB21E/03    EP616PB11E/03    EP616PB21E/03    EP616PB81E/03    EP618HB21E/03    EP618PB21E/03    EP716QB91E/03    EP718QB21E/03    EP716QB11E/03    EP816QB11E/03    EP616CB21E/24    EP616HB91E/24    EP616HC21N/24    EP616PB21E/24    EP616PC21N/24    EP716QB21E/24    EP716QB91E/24    EP718QB91Y/24    EP816SB21E/24    EP616HB91Y/24    EP618PB21E/24    EP716QC21N/24    EP718QB21E/24    EP816QB21E/24    EP816SB91Y/24    EP816SC21N/24    EP612PB21E/24    EP716QB91Y/24    ES326BB21E/24    EC875QB11E/02    EP612PB21E/26    EP616HB91E/26    EP616PB11E/26    EP616PB21E/26    EC875SB21D/07    EP816SB91Y/07    EC675PB21E/28    EP716QB91Y/28    EC875QB11E/28    EC875QB21Y/01    EO616HB2TI/01    EO616HB2TI/42    EO616HB2TI/55    EP716IB21E/01    EP716IB21E/24    EP716IB21E/28    POH616B1TI/01    POH616B1TI/42    POH616B1TI/55    POH616B2TL/01    POH616B2TL/40    POH616B2TL/62    PPH616B1TI/01    PPH616B1TI/40    PPH616B1TI/52    PPH616B1TI/55    PPQ716B1TI/01    PPQ716B1TI/52    PPQ716B1TI/55    PPS816B1TI/01    PPS816B1TI/40    PPS816B1TI/42    PPS816B1TI/52    PPS816B1TI/55    PPW916B2TT/01    EC875QB21E/02    EP612PB21O/03    EP612PB21O/28    EP612PB21O/24    EP612PB21O/42    EP916SC91N/24    EP816QB21E/01    EP916SC91N/50    EP916SC91N/42    EC875QB11E/01    EC875QB21E/62    EC875QB21E/28    EC875QB21E/01    PCQ875B11E/52    PCQ875B11E/01    PCQ875B21E/02    PCQ875B21E/62    PCS875C21N/07    PCS875C21N/42    PCS875C21N/01    PCP675B21E/01    PCP675B21E/02    PCP675B21E/42    PCP675B21E/28    PCQ875B21E/01    PCQ875B11E/28    PCQ875B11E/02    PCQ875B21E/40    PPC616B11E/52    PPC616B11E/42    PPC616B21E/03    PPC616B21E/01    PPC616B21E/24    PPH612M21Y/24    PPH612B21E/52    PPH612B21E/42    PPH616B11V/03    PPH616B21A/24    PPH616B21A/62    PPH616B21A/03    PPH616B11V/01    PPH616B21A/40    PPH616B81E/01    PPH616B21E/03    PPH616B21E/01    PPH616B21E/62    PPH616B21E/40    PPH616B21E/24    PPH616B81E/28    PPH616C91N/01    PPH616B81E/03    PPH616C91N/03    PPH616B81E/42    PPH616B81E/52    PPH619M21Y/62    PPH616M21Y/24    PPH619M21Y/01    PPH616C91N/24    PPP611B91E/01    PPP611B91E/42    PPP612B21E/01    PPI716B11E/52    PPP612B21E/03    PPP612B21E/42    PPP612B21O/03    PPP612B21O/24    PPP612B21O/40    PPP612B21E/28    PPP612B21E/24    PPP612B91R/42    PPP612B21O/42    PPP612M91E/03    PPP612M91E/01    PPP612M91E/28    PPP612M91E/24    PPP612B91R/01    PPP614B91R/01    PPP616B11E/01    PPP612M91E/48    PPP614B91R/42    PPP616B11E/03    PPP616B21E/24    PPP616B81E/01    PPP616B80L/01    PPP616B80L/42    PPP616B21E/64    PPP616B81E/26    PPP616B91E/01    PPP616B81E/48    PPP616B81H/48    PPP616B81H/01    PPP616B91E/26    PPP616B91E/24    PPP616C91N/01    PPP616C91N/03    PPP616B91E/03    PPP616C91N/24    PPP616B91E/42    PPP616C91N/42    PPP616M91E/01    PPP616C91N/26    PPP616M91E/24    PPP616C91R/42    PPP616M91E/03    PPH616M21Y/28    PPH616M21Y/03    PPH616M21Y/62    PPH616C91N/42    PPH616C91N/28    PPI716B11E/01    PPI716B11E/42    PPI716B11E/07    PPI716B11E/28    PPH612B21E/01    PPH612B21E/40    PPH612M21Y/03    PPH612M21Y/28    PPH612M21Y/62  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PPC616B11E/40    PPW916B2TT/80    PPW916B2TT/62    EP712QB91Y/62    EP716IB21E/42    EP716IB21E/52    PPC616B21E/40    PPC616B21E/52    PPP619M91E/48    PPQ712B21E/42    PPQ712B21E/52    PPQ712M21Y/62    PPS816M91E/40    PPS816M91E/48    PPC616B21E/42 

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