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Rotary Function Switch for Indesit Ariston Hotpoint Ovens

Part Nr.: C00252623 482000030353, 11HE159

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Rotary Function Switch for Indesit Ariston Hotpoint Ovens Whirlpool / Indesit
Producer:Whirlpool / Indesit
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EAN: 8055005526231

F030896 869990308960  K6G21(W)/R INDESIT
F047161   K3G56.A(W)/U INDESIT
F047162   K3G55.A(X)/U INDESIT
F047163   K3G55.A(XW)/U INDESIT
F047164   K3G55.A(W)/U INDESIT
F047165   K3G51.A(X)/U INDESIT
F047166   K3G51.A(W)/U INDESIT
F047167 869990471670  K3G510.A(W)/U INDESIT
F047168   K3G5.A(W)/U INDESIT
F047169   K3M5.A(W)/U INDESIT
F049958   K3G51S.A(W)/HU INDESIT
F049959   K3G51S.A(X)/HU INDESIT
F050524 869990505240  K3C51.A (W)/U INDESIT
F053215   K3G66(W)/U INDESIT
F053216   K3G66(X)/U INDESIT
F067236   K3G510S.A(W)/U INDESIT
F067238 869990672380  K3G5S.A(W)/U INDESIT
F067239   K3G51S.A(W)/U INDESIT
F067240 869990672400  K3G51S.A(X)/U INDESIT
F067241   K3G55S.A(W)/U INDESIT
F067242   K3G55S.A(X)/U INDESIT
F067243   K3G55S.A(XW)/U INDESIT
F067244 869990672440  K3G56S.A(W)/U INDESIT
F067245 869990672450  K3G66S(W)/U INDESIT
F067246   K3G66S(X)/U INDESIT
F067247   K3M5S.A(W)/U INDESIT
F068457   K3G52S.A(W)/I INDESIT
F068458   K3G52S.A(X)/I INDESIT
F073259 869990732590  KN3E6A(W)/FR INDESIT
F073524   KN3G62SA(W)/I INDESIT
F073807   KN3T62SA(W)/NL INDESIT
F073808 869990738080  KN3T65SA(X)/NL INDESIT
F073860   KN3C62A(W)/U INDESIT
F073924   KN3C62A(W)/EU INDESIT
F073927   KN3E62A(W)/BG INDESIT
F073929   KN3N65SA(W)/BG INDESIT
F074074   KN3C65A(X)/CZ INDESIT
F074076   KN3C61A(X)/CZ INDESIT
F074077   KN3C65A(W)/CZ INDESIT
F074079   KN3G61SA(X)/CZ INDESIT
F074080   KN3G61SA(W)/CZ INDESIT
F074081   KN3G65SA(X)/CZ INDESIT
F074083   KN3G65SA(W)/CZ INDESIT
F076828   KN3C650A(X)/U INDESIT
F076832   KN3G60SA(W)/U INDESIT
F076833   KN3G610SA(X)/U INDESIT
F076836   KN3G650SA(W)/U INDESIT
F076837   KN3G650SA(X)/U INDESIT
F076838   KN3G660SA(W)/U INDESIT
F076842   KN3G660SA(X)/U INDESIT
F076845 869990768450  KN3G620SA(W)/U INDESIT
F078333   KN3G61SA(W)/UA INDESIT
F078334   KN3G62SA(W)/UA INDESIT
F078912   KN3G610SA(X)/BA INDESIT
F078913   KN3G650SA(X)/BA INDESIT
F081096 869990810960  KN3E6A(W)/FR S INDESIT
F081139 869990811390  KN3G62SA(W)/I S INDESIT
F081154   KN3T62SA(W)/NL S INDESIT
F081155   KN3T65SA(X)/NL S INDESIT
F081160 869990811600  KN3C62A(W)/U S INDESIT
F081171 869990811710  KN3C62A(W)/EU S INDESIT
F081174 869990811740  KN3E62A(W)/BG S INDESIT
F081176 869990811760  KN3N65SA(W)/BG S INDESIT
F081185   KN3C65A(X)/CZ S INDESIT
F081185   KN3C65A(X)/CZ S INDESIT
F081187 869990811870  KN3C61A(X)/CZ S INDESIT
F081187 869990811870  KN3C61A(X)/CZ S INDESIT
F081188   KN3C65A(W)/CZ S INDESIT
F081190   KN3G61SA(X)/CZ S INDESIT
F081191   KN3G61SA(W)/CZ S INDESIT
F081192   KN3G65SA(X)/CZ S INDESIT
F081193   KN3G65SA(W)/CZ S INDESIT
F081234   KN3C650A(X)/U S INDESIT
F081237   KN3G60SA(W)/U S INDESIT
F081238   KN3G610SA(X)/U S INDESIT
F081239   KN3G650SA(W)/U S INDESIT
F081240   KN3G650SA(X)/U S INDESIT
F081241   KN3G660SA(W)/U S INDESIT
F081242   KN3G660SA(X)/U S INDESIT
F081245   KN3G620SA(W)/U S INDESIT
F081251 869990812510  KN3G61SA(W)/UA S INDESIT
F081259   KN3G610SA(X)/BA S INDESIT
F081260   KN3G650SA(X)/BA S INDESIT
F082420 869990824200  KN3N65SA(KX)/BG INDESIT
F082421 869990824210  KN3N61SA(W)/BG INDESIT
F085273 869990852730  H5G66AF (X) UA Hotpoint-Ariston
F085275 869990852750  H5G62AE (W) UA Hotpoint-Ariston
F085285 869990852850  H5G65AE C (W) UA Hotpoint-Ariston
F085310 869990853100  I5E6AE(W) FR INDESIT
F085515 869990855150  I5V62A(W)/EU INDESIT
F085535 869990855350  I5G61AG(W)/UA INDESIT
F085913 869990859130  I5G62AG(W)/UA INDESIT
F088231 869990882310  I5N65A(KX)/BG INDESIT
F088312 869990883120  H5M6C2AG (W) /FR Hotpoint-Ariston
F088449 869990884490  I5E6CAE(W)/FR INDESIT

Technical data - Rotary Function Switch for Indesit Ariston Hotpoint Ovens

8 positions, shaft 23 mm

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