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Sealing Kit for Bosch Siemens Hobs - 12023582

Sealing Kit - Part Nr.: 12023582 10000508, GENUINE BSH

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Sealing Kit for Bosch Siemens Hobs - 12023582 Bosch / Siemens
Sealing Kit for Bosch Siemens Hobs - 12023582 Bosch / SiemensSealing Kit for Bosch Siemens Hobs - 12023582 Bosch / Siemens
Producer:Bosch / Siemens
Price incl. VAT : 77,10 €
excl. VAT : 63,80 €
VAT:21 %
STOCK:0 pc
EAN: 8757521723452
Volumetric weight: 0.555 KG
Origin of the product: GENUINE PART in the original packaging of the Brand
Refund Possibility: YES

The new sealing kit is recommended if the original one no longer fulfills its purpose.


Compatible appliances:

 PRB3A6D70M/08; PRS9A6D70A/01; PRR7A6D70/08; PRR7A6D70/01; PRB3A6D70I/01; PRY6A6B70/01; PRY6A6B70Q/01; PRS9A6D70Z/01; ER3A6BB70W/01; ER3A6AD70A/08; ER3B6BB70X/01; PRB3B6B70K/01; PRB3B6B70X/01; ER3A6AD70A/01; PRB3A6D70/08; PRB3A6D70/01; T27TA69N0/01; T27TA69N0/08; T27TA69N0D/08; T27TA69N0D/01; T29TA79N0/01; T29TA79N0/08; T29TA79N0A/01; T29TA79N0N/01; T29TA79N0A/08; T26TA49N0R/01; T26TA49N0R/08; PRB3A6D70D/01; PRB3A6D70D/08; PRB3A6D70M/01; PRB3A6D70N/01; PRB3A6D71T/01; PRB3A6D71T/08; PRP6A6B70S/01; PRP6A6D70/01; PRP6A6D70/08; PRP6A6D70D/01; PRP6A6D70D/08; PRP6A6D70N/01; PRA3A6B70W/01; PRA3A6B70K/01; PRA3A6B70X/01; PRA3A6D70/01; PRA3A6D70D/01; PRA3A6D70I/01; PRA3A6D70N/01; PRA3A6D71T/08; ER7A6RD70/08; ER7A6RD70D/08; N23TA19N0D/01; N23TA19N0/01; N23TA29N0N/01; N23TA19N0N/01; ER6A6YB70/01; N23TA19N0/08; N23TA19N0D/08; N23TA19N0N/08; N23TA29N0/01; N23TA29N0/08; N23TA29N0D/01; N23TA29N0D/08; ER7A6RD70/01; ER7A6RD70D/01; ER9A6SD70I/08; ER7A6RD70N/01; ER7A6RD70R/01; ER9A6SD70/01; ER9A6SD70/08; ER9A6SD70A/01; ER9A6SD70A/08; ER9A6SD70D/01; ER9A6SD70D/08; ER9A6SD70M/01; ER9A6SD70I/01; ER9A6SS70N/01; ER9A6SD70Z/01; ER9A6SD70Z/08; ER6A6PD70D/08; ER6A6PD70D/01; ER6A6PD70N/01; PRP6A6N70R/01; PRR7A6D70D/01; PRR7A6D70N/01; PRS9A6D70/01; PRR7A6D70R/01; PRS9A6D70D/01; PRS9A6D70/08; PRS9A6D70D/08; PRS9A6D70I/01; PRS9A6D70N/01; ER3A6AB70W/01; ER3A6AD70/01; ER3A6AD70D/01; ER3A6AD70D/08; ER3A6AD70/08; ER3A6AD70L/08; ER3A6AD70L/01; ER3A6AD70N/01; ER3A6AD70N/08; ER3A6BB70S/01; ER3A6BD70/01; ER3A6BB70X/01; ER3A6BD70/08; ER3A6BD70D/01; ER3A6BD70D/08; ER3A6BD70I/01; ER3A6BD70I/08; ER3A6BD70L/01; ER3A6BD70L/08; ER3A6BD70M/01; ER3A6BD70N/01; ER3A6BD70N/08; ER6A6PB70S/01; ER6A6PD70/01; ER6A6PD70/08; PRA3A6D71T/01; PRA3A6D70/08; PRB3A6B70K/01; PRB3A6B70S/01; PRB3A6B70W/01; PRB3A6B70X/01; PRP6A6D70R/01; PRP6A6N70/01; PRP6A6D70R/08; PRP6A6N70/08; PRP6A6N70R/08; T26TA49N0/01; T26TA49N0/08; T26TA49N0D/08; T26TA49N0D/01; T26TA49N0N/01; ER6A6PD70R/01; ER6A6PD70R/08; ER3A6AD70I/01; ER3A6AD70I/08; PRC3A61W/01; ER3A6AB70X/01; ER3A6C1W/01; PRS9A6D70M/01; PRS9A6D70M/08; PRP6A6N70R/21; PRP6A6N70/21; ER9A6SS71N/01; PRS9A6L70N/01; ER9A6SS71N/08; PRS9A6L70N/08

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