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Drive Belt for Washing Machines Fagor / Brandt - 55X3861

Part Nr.: Fagor - 55X3861, Gorenje - 792800, 1151 PHE

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Drive Belt for Washing Machines Fagor / Brandt - 55X3861
We dispatch In stock items immediately - delivery 02.10.2020
Producer:Fagor / Brandt
Price with VAT : 4,10 €
Price without VAT : 3,40 €
VAT:21 %
Availability:In stock
Stock:10 pc
EAN: 3838787928005


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157183 MAEN02011111121 WT51062
157184 MAEN02021111121 WT52092
242706 MAEN02011111121 WT61060
242707 MAEN02031111121 WT62080
242708 MAEN02052112121 WT63090
292234 MAEN02011111121 KWT61060



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