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Our customer service hot link is every workin day ready to help you with searching and finding. Everythink, what you have to do, is to fill this Inquiry form as much similarly as you can to this form.

To the form colum below please fill model name, product number or Serial number of your apliance from manufactured label. Every manufactured places this label to a little different place. Here we try to inform you about most comon places of this label sort by manufacturers.

Electrolux Zanussi AEGZanussi, Electrolux, AEG - PNC or Prod. Nr. or F-Nr., e.g. 911236456 01

Bosch, Siemens     Bosch, Siemens - E-Nr., e.g. WAE24566CZ/15 or SGI4662SK/35

Gorenje     Gorenje, Mora - ART, e.g. 123456 01

Candy     Candy -  number code with 12-16 positions begining with 3....................., e.g. 31245678 4567 0123

Whirlpool     Whirlpool, Ignis, Bauknecht - 12 numbers lenght code begining with 85, e.g. 851112345678

Indesit, Ariston     Indesit, Ariston – code of numbers begining with 8…………… or 3.................


Other labels are very similar to this most known manufacturers.

These numbers you can find on manufactured label, which is glued or embossed on apliance at this places:

Washing Machines:

- In the inner side of the door frame

- On the middle metal sheet right under the door

- On the inner side of drain pump filter metal sheet, if your machine got it

- Under the middle botom plastic plinth, if your machine got it


- at the inner stainless steel edge of doors, visible after opening the door. Possibilities are left or right even the top side of the door, especialy the middle space of it. Label is made with galvanic and after some time its hardly visible

Fridge and Freezers:

- paper or metal label placed on the left or righ inner side of your apliance. Usually visible after puting drawer out

Cookers and In-build ovens:

- at door inner edges, around apliance door frame at left, right, even top and bottom side. It is got his place even on the back side


- at the bottom side of product

Coffe Makers:

- on the maker body, usualy visible after putting out the coffee tank or opening doors of brewing unit


!!! NEVER try to find this label on places, when you cant get easily without tools. BE SURE its not there!!! 

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