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Dear customer,

Thank you for your order in our e-shop.

Unfortunatelly your payment wasn´t processed, usually it happens due to these reasons:

1) Your credit card is not allowed for internet payments.
2) There is not enough money to make the payment on your account.
3) There was wrong or none autorization code.
4) Time to process your payment has ran out.
5) The currency of your order is different than the payment currency.

If your problems are still persisting, we can offer you an alternative way to proceed with your payment:

You can make EUR payment directly to our bank account, but please make sure that you have filled correctly the variable symbol so that we can be able to pair your payment with your order. Variable symbol is the order number or the invoice number. Your invoice will be inserted in your parcel.

For safety reasons repeated credit card payments are not possible, but it is also possible to pay your order with account transaction via GoPay or Comgate.


      FIO banka    IBAN CZ8620100000002401005979, BIC/SWIFT FIOBCZPPXXX


 Gopay payment methodGoPay payment method

For payment with  €  use please account number: 163978705

For payment with GBP use please acount number: 163978595


If you are facing any troubles, please don't hasitate to contact us by e-mail or on our customer service hotlink.

All unpaid orders will be cancelled after 3-5 days from creation of the order.