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Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00243941

Door Seal - Part Nr.: 00243941, GENUINE BSH

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Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00243941 Bosch / Siemens
Door Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00243941 Bosch / SiemensDoor Seal for Bosch Siemens Fridges - 00243941 Bosch / Siemens
Producer:Bosch / Siemens
Price incl. VAT : 55,10 €
excl. VAT : 45,50 €
VAT:21 %
Availability:Ask for POSSIBILITY TO ORDER
STOCK:0 pc
EAN: 8757521723339
Volumetric weight: 10.555 KG
Origin of the product: GENUINE PART in the original packaging of the Brand
Refund Possibility: YES

The new door seal is recommended if the original one no longer fulfills its purpose.


Compatible appliances:

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 KI28SA50CH/02; KI28SA50CH/03; KI28SA50CH/04; K9514X6/03; K9514X6/02; K9514X6/01; KIV28V20FF/01; KIV28V20FF/02; KIV28V20FF/03; KIV28V20FF/04; KIV28V20FF/05; KIV28V20FF/06; KIV28V20FF/07; KIV28V20FF/08; KIV28V20FF/09; 5CB27020/02; 5CB27020/03; 5CB27020/04; 5CB27020/05; VVIV2820/01; VVIV2820/02; VVIV2820/03; VVIV2820/04; VVIV2820/05; CK65643/04; CK65643/02; CK65643/05; CK65643/03; CK65643/01; 5CB27020/01; JC70BB20/05; JC70BB20/06; JC70BB20/02; JC70BB20/04; JC70BB20/03; JC70BB20/01; KI28VA20/01; KI28VA20/02; KI28VA20/03; KI28VA20/05; KI28VA20/04; KI28VA20/06; KI28SA65/01; KI28SA65/02; KI28SA65/03; KIV28V00FF/01; KIV28V01/01; KIV28V00FF/02; KIV28V00/02; KIV28V00/01; KIV28V01FF/01; KIV28V10/01; KIV28V10/02; K9614X8/01; KI4BYU4/01; KI4BYU4/02; KI4BYU5/01; CK65642/01; CK65642/02; K8514X6FF/01; KI28VA20FF/07; KI28VA20/07; K9625X6RK/01; K9514X6GB/01; K9514X6GB/02; K9514X6GB/03; K9614X6/01; K9614X6/02; K9614X6/04; K9614X7/01; K9614X6/03; K9614X7/02; KI28SA50/03; KI28SA50/06; KI28SA50CH/06; KI28SA60/02; KI28SA50/01; KI28SA50CH/01; KI28SA50/02; KI28SA50/05; KI28SA50/04; KI28SA50/07; KI28SA50CH/05; KI28SA50CH/07; KI28SA60/01; KI28SA60CH/01; KI28SA60/03; KI28SA60/04; KI28VA40GB/02; KI28VA40GB/03; KI28VA40GB/04; KI28VA40GB/01; KIV28A50/01; KIS28A50/01; KIS28A50CH/01; KIS28A51/01; KIS28A51/02; KIS28A51/04; KIS28A60/01; KIS28A60/02; KIS28A65/01; KIS38A60CH/01; KIS28A51/03; KI28VA50/02; K9514X6/04; KI28VA20FF/01; KI28VA20FF/02; KI28VA20FF/05; KI28VA20FF/03; KI28VA20FF/04; KI28VA20FF/06; KIS28A51CH/01; KI28VA50/01; KIV28A51/02; KIV28A51/03; KIV28A51/01

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