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Drill Bit Set HSS 1,5-6,5MM

Drills - drills are usually attached to the machine. The drills are made almost exclusively of steel, the properties of which are chosen according to the material being drilled.

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Drill Bit Set HSS 1,5-6,5MM Univerzální
Drill Bit Set HSS 1,5-6,5MM UniverzálníDrill Bit Set HSS 1,5-6,5MM Univerzální
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Tools & Instruments - Drill Bits

HSS DIN 338, RN, is made of high quality high speed steel (HSS). Precisely made helix for quality performance, precision and good centering, grinding angle of the drill tip 118 °, for drilling common structural steel, packed in a PVC box.

This set contains drill bits with diameters: 1.5MM; 2MM; 2.5MM; 3MM; 3.2MM; 3.5MM; 4MM; 4.5MM; 4.8MM; 5MM; 5.5MM; 6MM; 6.5MM

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