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Duct Industrial Fan Axial Vent uni EKF 200 AF, power 680 m3/h

Part Nr.: 6111, diameter 200MM, supply voltage 230V/50HZ, input 70W, volume flow 680M3/H, acoustic pressure kustický 50DB(A)/1M, revs 2650/MIN -1, current 0,30A, max. temperature 60°C, product protection IP44, weight 2,7KG

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Duct Industrial Fan Axial Vent uni EKF 200 AF, power 680 m3/h
Duct Industrial Fan Axial Vent uni EKF 200 AF, power 680 m3/hDuct Industrial Fan Axial Vent uni EKF 200 AF, power 680 m3/h
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Volumetric weight: 2.7 KG
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Warranty: 24 Months
Ventilation Systems - Ventilators


Industrial axial duct fan. The fan case is made of galvanized steel sheet in gray powder paint. Impellers and fan blades are made of sheet steel with black powder coating. The protection of the product is IPX4. Vent uni EKF AF fans are designed for the transport of air without dirt, grease, dust, chemicals and abrasives with a maximum temperature of 60°C.

Supplied diameters: 200MM.


All types have a 24 month warranty.


Single-phase asynchronous motor with ball bearings with a constant grease filling for the entire lifetime. The connection terminal block is part of the fan. The direction of rotation cannot be changed. The speed and thus the fan power can be regulated by the speed controller E-REG or VU-REG 2.5A.


Thanks to the aerodynamically shaped propeller blades and the conical shape of the motor, EKF AF fans have a low noise level and at the same time high performance.

  • industrial and commercial buildings
  • restaurant
  • fast food stalls
  • shops
  • garages
  • workshops
  • shops
  • dressing rooms
  • farms
  • greenhouses
  • gyms


The fan can be mounted in circular air ducts such as spiro pipes or smooth pipes, but also in all flexible hoses (Semiflex, Sonoair, etc.) at the beginning, to the end of the air duct. Mounting is possible in vertical and horizontal position.

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