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Heater for Whirlpool Indesit Dishwashers - C00256527

Part Nr.: C00256527 256527 C00520796 520796 488000520796 482000030440, Eichenauer - 2560, 240V, 1650W

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Heater for Whirlpool Indesit Dishwashers - C00256527 Whirlpool / Indesit
Heater for Whirlpool Indesit Dishwashers - C00256527 Whirlpool / IndesitHeater for Whirlpool Indesit Dishwashers - C00256527 Whirlpool / IndesitHeater for Whirlpool Indesit Dishwashers - C00256527 Whirlpool / IndesitHeater for Whirlpool Indesit Dishwashers - C00256527 Whirlpool / IndesitHeater for Whirlpool Indesit Dishwashers - C00256527 Whirlpool / IndesitHeater for Whirlpool Indesit Dishwashers - C00256527 Whirlpool / Indesit
Producer:Whirlpool / Indesit
Price incl. VAT : 134,50 €
excl. VAT : 111,20 €
VAT:21 %
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STOCK:0 pc
EAN: 8757521589409
Volumetric weight: 1.111 KG
Origin of the product: Quality-proven ALTERNATIVE PART
Exchange and refund of goods: REDUCED
Warranty: 24 Months



F046451 LFT 114/HA F046452 LFT 116 A/HA F046453 LFT 216 A/HA F049021 DIF 04 F049022 DIF 14 F049023 DIF 14 A F049024 DIF 26 A F049036 LFT 116 A EX F049042 LDQ 228 ICE/HA F050255 LBF 51 IT/HA F050256 LKF 71 IT/HA F050257 LKF 72 A IT/HA F050262 LFF 825 IT/HA F050263 LFF 825 A IT/HA F050553 LFS 114 BK/HA F050554 LFS 215 A IX/HA F050555 LFS 215 A WH/HA F050556 LFS 215 A BK/HA F050557 LFS 217 A IX/HA F050558 LFS 217 A WH/HA F050559 LFS 217 A BK/HA F050565 LFS 114 IX/HA F050566 LFS 114 WH/HA F052655 LFT 114 A/HA F053158 LBF 5 IT/HA F053159 LBF 51 A IT/HA F053161 LFF 825 X IT/HA F054102 LBF 51 EU/HA F054103 LFF 825 X EU/HA F054105 LFF 815 EU/HA F054106 LFF 825 EU/HA F054108 LKF 710 X EU/HA F054109 LKF 710 EU/HA F054334 LKF 7148 FR/HA F054335 LBF 5149 FR/HA F054385 LKF 71 AG F054387 LFF 825 X AG F054389 DIF 36 A F054394 LFS 114 IX F/HA F054395 LFS 114 WH F/HA F054397 LFS 114 BK F/HA F054404 LFS 216 A IX/HA F054492 LKF 61 EX F054495 LKF 720 EX F054496 LKF 720 X EX F054498 LFF 825 EX F054501 LFF 825 X EX F054889 LFS 115 A IX/HA F054890 LFS 115 A WH/HA F054891 LTE 12-106 F054919 LFS 114 IX EX F054920 LFS 215 A IX EX F054957 LBF 31 TK/HA F054958 LKF 710 A TK/HA F055776 LKF 7148 X FR/HA F056805 DIF 36 G F057081 LBF 51 X AUS F057082 LKF 720 AUS F057083 LKF 720 X AUS F057085 LFT 216 A AUS F058024 DPG 15 IX F058025 DPG 15 BK F058026 DPG 15 WH F058027 DIFP 36 F059015 DFG 051 IT F059016 DFG 252 IT F060850 DFG 051 S EU F060851 DFG 050 EU F060852 DFG 051 EU F061061 DFG 03 TK F061123 DFG 262 EU F061124 DFG 262 S EU F061298 DPG 36 A IX F061340 DPG 015 IX F061341 DPG 015 WH F061342 DPG 015 BK F061409 DFG 151 IT F061410 DFG 151 S IT F061411 DFG 252 S IT F061938 DFG 2635 EU F061939 DFG 0515 EU F061940 DFG 251 EU F061941 DFG 250 EU F061942 DFG 052 SK F061958 DFG 253 SK F062074 LFF 8314 B EU F062180 DFG 261 AUS F062181 DFG 261 S AUS F062182 DFG 050 (AG) F062497 LBF 51 AUS F062645 DFP 573 FR F062658 LFF 8214 X EU/HA F062696 LFF 8214 EU/HA F062703 DFP 573 EU F062705 DFP 573 NX EU F062706 LST 216 A/HA F062708 DFP 272 EU F062709 DFP 273 NX EU F062957 DFP 273 IT F062961 DFP 273 NX IT F063157 LST 4167 F063166 DSG 573 F063167 DSG 573 S F063169 LST 116 HA F063171 LST 114/HA F063172 LST 1147 F063173 DIS 14 F063174 DIS 16 F063344 DFP 273 FR F063345 DFP 273 NX FR F063346 DFP 573 NX FR F063591 DFG 054 FR F063592 DFG 254 FR F063593 DFG 254 S FR F063594 DFG 154 F063595 DFG 0535 F063916 LFF 8214 X IT/HA F063950 LFF 8254 X EX.R F063951 LFF 8254 EX.R F064114 LBF 31 TK/HA.R F064389 LBF 51 EU/HA.R F064392 LKF 72 A IT/HA.R F064400 LKF 710 X EU/HA.R F064401 LKF 710 A TK/HA.R F064402 LFF 825 X IT/HA.R F064403 LKF 7148 X FR/HA.R F064404 LKF 71 IT/HA.R F064405 LKF 710 EU/HA.R F064406 LFF 815 EU/HA.R F064686 LKF 61 EX.R F064687 LKF 720 X EX.R F064691 LKF 720 EX.R F064692 LBF 51 X AUS.R F064693 LKF 720 AUS.R F064696 LKF 720 X AUS.R F064697 LBF 51 AUS.R F064698 LBF 51 IT/HA.R F064699 LBF 5 IT/HA.R F064701 LKF 7148 FR/HA.R F064721 LBF 51 A IT/HA.R F064722 LBF 5149 FR/HA.R F064728 LFF 825 A IT/HA.R F064987 DFG 262 NX EU F065239 LFF 8114 AG.R F065240 LFF 8214 X AG.R F065242 LKF 7114 AG.R F065246 LFF 8214 X IT/HA.R F065254 LFF 8214 EU/HA.R F065255 LFF 8214 X EU/HA.R F065502 DFP 273 S FR F065731 LFT 114/HA.R F065732 LFT 116 A/HA.R F065733 LFT 216 A/HA.R F065737 DIF 14.R F065738 DIF 14 A .R F065897 LDZ 226 A IX/HA F066036 LFF 8314 B EU.R F066526 DIFP 4367 F066713 LST 1167 F066714 LFT 2167 F066771 LFF 8214 X IB/HA.R F067686 DIS 16 A F067815 DSG 051 EU F067817 DSG 263 EU F068026 LSF 712 EU/HA F068027 LSF 723 EU/HA F068546 LSF 6127 F068549 LSF 7237 F068556 LSF 723 X FR F068557 LSF 723 FR F068560 LSF 723 A EU F068563 DSG 0517 F068564 DSG 2637 RU F068565 LSF 723 X EU F068571 DSG 263 S FR F068579 DSG 263 FR F068582 DSG 051 S EU F068585 DSG 263 DE F068904 LBF 517 F068929 DISP 5377 F068930 DIS 1147 F069162 DSG 5737 F069166 DFG 2627 F069167 DFG 0507 F069172 DFP 2727 F069186 DSG 573 FR F069188 DSG 573 S FR F069193 DFG 254 NX FR F069315 LBF 42 TK/HA F069319 LFS 213 IX TK/HA F069676 LBF 52 TK/HA.R F069677 LBF 52 A TK/HA.R F069871 DFG 0512 EU F070094 DFG 0512 S EU F070095 DFG 2622 EU F070265 LFT 21677 F070266 LST 11477 F070267 LST 41677 F070268 LST 11677 F070448 DFG 255 FR F070588 DIF 04.R F070913 LFF 8314 X EU/HA.R F073330 LFT 4116 A/HA F073609 LFFA+ 8214 X IT F073612 LFFA+ 8314 B EU F073618 LFF 8214E EU F073619 LFF 8214E X IB F073707 LSF 712 AG F074535 DFP 277 NX TK F074658 LKF 720 A TK/HA F074659 LKF 720 TK/HA F074660 LBF 520 X TK/HA F074683 LFSA+ 2174 A BK F074685 LFSA+ 2174 A WH F074689 LFSA+ 2174 A IX F074691 LFSA+ 2164 A IX F074838 LFTA+ 2164 A F074842 LFTA+ 41164 A F074972 LKF 7114E FR F074975 LKF 7114E X FR F075302 LST 216 A CN F075306 LSF 7237 X F075323 DSG 2637 S F075902 DFP 5731 EU F075903 DFP 5731 NX EU F076140 LFT 116 A FR F076141 LFS 216 IX FR F076186 DFP 2731 NX EU F076261 DSG 051 NX EU F076262 DSG 263 NX FR F076321 DFP 2631 NX EU F076322 DFP 2631 EU F076658 LFTA+ 1164 A/HA F077873 LFF 816 EU/HA.R F078176 DFP 2631M NX EU F078177 DFP 5731M EU F078195 DFP 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F081877 DPG 361M A IX F081878 DIF 34 A F081879 DFG 2631M NX EU F082783 LFB 5B019 X EU F082784 LFB 5B019 A EU F082786 LFK 7B019 A IT F082862 LFF 8M019 EU F082863 LFF 8M019 X EU F082885 DFP 27B1 A EU F082889 LFB 5B019 EU F082892 LTB 4B019 EU F082894 LSB 5B019 X EU F082895 LTB 6B019 C EU F082897 DFG 26M1 A S IT F082898 DFG 15B1 S IT F082901 DFG 15B1 IT F082920 LFK 7M019 X EU F082921 LFB 5M019 X TK F082923 LFB 3B010 TK F082954 LFB 5B019 FR F082956 LFB 5B019 X FR F082995 ELTB 4B019 EU F083006 LTF 8B019 C EU F083024 LTF 8B019 EU F083028 LSB 5B019 CB EU F083029 LTB 6M019 C EU F083030 LTB 6M019 EU F083033 LSB 7M019 CX EU F083063 IDS 107D UK F083064 DFG 2631M EU F083067 LBF 5B AUS F083068 LBF 5B X AUS F083081 LKF 7M0 EX.R F083082 LKF 6M EX.R F083083 LFF 8H54 EX.R F083087 LKF 7M X EU F083108 DFG 15B1 FR F083112 DFG 15B1 S FR F083161 LKF 7M0 X KW.R F083239 DFG 15B1 K UK F083242 DIF 16T1 A EU F083243 DIF 14B1 EU F083253 DFG 15B1 S UK F083254 DIFP 18T1 CA EU F083936 DFG 051 (ZA) F083937 DFG 051 S (ZA) F084263 LFK 7M019 EU F084307 LFF 8M019 A TK F084314 DIF 14B1 A EU F084318 LFB 5M010 TK F084319 LFB 4M010 TK F084320 LFB 4M010 X TK F084328 DPG 16B1 A K EU F084329 DPG 16B1 A NX EU F084330 DPG 16B1 A EU F084487 DIFP 18B1 A EU F084488 DFG 26B1 NX EU F084489 DIF 16B1 A EU F084524 DFG 15B10 EU F084525 DFG 13B10 TK F084530 DPG 16B1 CA NX EU F084531 DFG 14B10 TK F084532 DFG 15B10 S EU F084583 DFP 58B1 EU F084584 DFG 26B1 EU F084585 DFG 15B1 A EU F084587 DFG 26B10 NX EU F084588 DFP 58T1 NX EU F084589 DFG 26B10 EU F084590 DFP 58T1 EU F084671 DFP 27M10 NX TK F084672 DFG 26M10 EU F084673 DFG 15M10 S EU F084674 DFG 15M10 EU F084677 DFP 27B1 SK F084678 DFP 58B1 SK F084720 DFP 27M1 A NX EU F084721 DFP 58T1 C NX EU F085348 LSFA+ 825 X/HA F085349 LSFA+ 825 HA F085350 LSTA+ 327 AX/HA F085351 LSTA+ 116 HA F085591 DISP 53771 F086011 DIS 161 A F086022 DSG 5731 F086023 DSG 5731 NX


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Availability: In stock
STOCK: 8 pc
excl. VAT:88,00
Price incl. VAT106,50

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