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Not Configured Control Electronics for Electrolux AEG Zanussi Washing Machines - 8091089584

Not configured module for washing machines.

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Not Configured Control Electronics for Electrolux AEG Zanussi Washing Machines - 8091089584 Electrolux - AEG / Zanussi náhradní díly
Producer:Electrolux - AEG / Zanussi náhradní díly
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EAN: 8757521800375
Volumetric weight: 0.777 KG
Origin of the product: GENUINE PART in the original packaging of the Brand

Electrolux: 8091089584 8091089451, GENUINE

The control module for washing machines is a key element that allows users to control and set various functions of the washing machine. This module includes buttons, control panels or touch screens that allow users to select different programs, settings and options when washing. Here are some of the main functions of the control module for washing machines:

Washing program selection: Users can select different washing programs depending on the type of clothing, color, level of soiling and other factors.

Water temperature: The control module allows users to set the desired water temperature for washing. Some fabrics or colors may require a specific temperature.

Spin speed: Users can set the spin speed depending on the type of garment. Some fabrics require a slower spin speed than others.

Time delay: Many washing machines allow users to set a delayed start, which means washing will start at a later time, for example when electricity tariffs are lower or when it is more convenient.

Selecting the amount of laundry: Some modern washing machines have sensors that measure the amount of laundry and automatically adjust the amount of water and detergent.

Manual Modes and Options: Users may also have the option to manually set wash parameters if they have specific requirements for certain loads of laundry.

Signaling and Indicators: The control module may contain various indicators and sound signals to signal the end of the cycle, for example buzzing or displaying symbols on the display.

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