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Shock Absorber (Set of 2 Pieces) for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00448032

Part Nr.: 00448032, 448032 - set of shock absorbers washing machine Bosch, Siemens production year 1999 - 2010 replacement without the need to remove and cut the tank in half - can be replaced directly in the standing washing machine

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Shock Absorber (Set of 2 Pieces) for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00448032 BSH - Bosch / Siemens
Shock Absorber (Set of 2 Pieces) for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00448032 BSH - Bosch / SiemensShock Absorber (Set of 2 Pieces) for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00448032 BSH - Bosch / SiemensShock Absorber (Set of 2 Pieces) for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00448032 BSH - Bosch / SiemensShock Absorber (Set of 2 Pieces) for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00448032 BSH - Bosch / SiemensShock Absorber (Set of 2 Pieces) for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00448032 BSH - Bosch / SiemensShock Absorber (Set of 2 Pieces) for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00448032 BSH - Bosch / Siemens
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Producer:BSH - Bosch / Siemens
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Warranty: 24 Months

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Related goods - Shock Absorber (Set of 2 Pieces) for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00448032

Tub with Shock Absorber and Drum for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00244196

Availability: In stock
STOCK: 4 pc
excl. VAT:241,10
Price incl. VAT291,70

Comments on Shock Absorber (Set of 2 Pieces) for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00448032

27.9.2022 17:17
Markku Ukkola

Hi! I am looking shock absorber repair set for my Siemens WXS1266 washing machine. Is this part suitable to my machine, Shock Absorber (Set of 2 Pieces) for Bosch Siemens Washing Machines - Part. nr. BSH 00448032. Code number isTL07-00448032-673541

Best regards
Markku Ukkola

1.10.2022 19:16
Len andrews

Good afternoon I have a Bosch washing machine WAE 20260EE-13 is this part compatible it shows on your list -15 but not -13

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