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Speed Controller Vent uni VU-REG 2,5A

Part Nr.: 6126, supply voltage 230V/50HZ, output 800W, current 2,5A, size in 100x100x55MM

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Speed Controller Vent uni VU-REG 2,5A
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The VU-REG 2.5 A speed controller is designed for single-phase motors of industrial fans of the Vent uni series. We supply in white color and plastic material.

The regulated current range is from 0.1 to 2.5 Amperes. It has a Switch off function and continuous regulation.



It is used to regulate the speed of single-phase motors of industrial fans of the Vent uni-vent series with an input of up to 2.5 Amperes.



We recommend mounting the controller on the wall in places where it is easily accessible for the operation of the controlled fan. 

Comments on Speed Controller Vent uni VU-REG 2,5A

25.5.2022 10:21
Paul Arwar

Dear Mz/Sir,

We are looking for a speed controller to control a client's induction chimney motor.

Please see attached.

We have looked at you site and thought that your article code 6126 maybe suitable. But we wanted to check with you that this is suitable as a replacement for the broken RS-REG as attached link (

We hope you can suggest an alternative?

Kind regards
Paul Arwar

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